How Cotton Beddings Contribute to Your Good Night's Sleep

How Cotton Beddings Contribute to Your Good Night's Sleep

A good night’s sleep can lead to a good day. However, many factors can negatively impact rest, leading to a restless night followed by numerous cups of coffee the next day, falling asleep while working, and drowsiness before the sun even sets.

One factor that can make sure you get a peaceful sleep is your bed. If you have old, lumpy bedding, this may be one reason you aren’t getting the number of hours of sleep that you need. Cotton beddings will help you ease into slumber and wake up refreshed the next day. Here are a few reasons it does this:

It prevents night sweats

When you sleep at night, your body temperature changes, often resulting in waking up hot, sticky, and desperate for some fresh air. Night sweats are common phenomena, which affect men and women of all ages.

If your bed has synthetic material, like polyester, it will absorb your body heat, rather than naturally ventilating it. The fabric will trap your warmth, and you will struggle to cool down. That’s why it is preferable to have cotton bedding since it is breathable. 

Because cotton is a pure, natural material, it helps absorb the heat from your body throughout the night, allowing you to stay fresh and dry. Cotton will also keep you warm throughout the winter by absorbing and retaining your body heat.

It is not abrasive on the skin

Fresh, clean, cotton sheets are soft on your skin. Cotton is naturally hypoallergenic, so it can help you avoid allergies. It won’t cause any irritation or itchiness, improving your quality of sleep. Breathability is especially helpful for those who suffer from sensitive skin and want to avoid irritating it throughout the night as much as possible.

Another benefit of using cotton beddings is that it lasts much longer. It may be tempting to go for a cheaper, mass-produced alternative since cotton (particularly the high-quality variants) costs a little more. However, choosing cotton beddings could save you money in the long run. A set made of this material can last almost twice as long as any artificially-made alternative, so you won’t need to replace it frequently.

It is easy to wash and clean

Lastly, cotton beddings are low maintenance. Contrary to popular belief, cotton does not take a lot of work. There is no need for handwashing, drying, or hours of ironing. For proper maintenance, most cotton linens should go straight into the machine. Wash these items at 40 degrees and use a gentle setting.

Wash cotton alone and avoid mixing it with non-textiles. Not only will the bedding get a better wash, but it will save your machine from overloading. There’s no need for any fancy detergents, and you can even pop it in the tumble dryer (stick to a low temperature). Take it out when it’s still slightly damp and dry it flat, which will reduce how much ironing it needs.


Having the right mattress, bedding, and bed linen that are a perfect fit can affect how well you sleep. It’s essential to choose a cozy cotton bed linen for the best bedtime benefits.

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