4 Reasons You Need a Mattress Protector for Your Bed

4 Reasons You Need a Mattress Protector for Your Bed

One of the best feelings in life is investing in a new mattress that will give you several years of good night’s sleep, especially when it is cared for properly. To make sure that your new bed looks and feels good for years to come, you should protect it from things that make it unsightly and gross, and this is possible with a mattress protector. 

A mattress protector is a removable sheet that encases your bed. It is typically made of breathable fabric that goes over the bedding but under the standard cloth sheets. Despite being readily available, many people have not even heard of them. 

In this article, we will share four reasons you should buy and use one for your bed:

1. It protects your bedding from stains

A tell-tale sign that a mattress was not outfitted with a protector is yellowish-brown stains that result from years of absorbing natural perspiration and accumulated dead skin cells. Keep in mind that these marks are generally not removable. This soiled appearance can actually be prevented by waterproof protectors, which will keep perspiration from seeping to the mattress itself, and keep it on your washable sheets. 

2. It keeps allergies at bay

Mattress protectors are recommended to people with known allergies, especially from dust mites. If you’re living in a particularly dusty location, your bed will most likely be playing host to these microscopic creatures that feed on your dead skin cells. To help protect against dust mites, it is best to use an airtight, zippered encasement mattress protector to keep them away from you. 

3. It keeps bedbugs away

Unlike dust mites, bedbugs will actually feed on your blood and leave you with nasty bite marks. They are so hardy and reproduce so quickly, that even insecticides that used to be very effective at killing them are now slowly being rendered ineffective. Infestations were so bad at some point that some hospitals and hotels began burning beds or used sulfur to kill them. 

Today, infestations are rare, especially in cities and suburban locations. However, if you do wake up with these bite marks, a trusty mattress protector will help you get rid of them without burning your house down. By also using an airtight, fully zippered encasement, you will be able to keep bedbugs already living inside the matters from reaching you. To be effective, the protector must be kept on your bed for more than a year to ensure that all the bedbugs and their eggs have died. 

4. It protects your warranty

A new mattress will indeed come with warranties, but they will be void if they have already been stained. Beddings are prone to stains from just about any kind of liquids, including your natural perspiration. If you find that it is defective, you’ll want it to be stain-free so that you can claim your warranty. Your bed is an investment, which is why you should protect it with a reliable protector. 


Mattress protectors come in many forms and offer varying degrees of protection. To protect your bed, you should consider looking into covers that will not only protect the mattress from stains and wear, but should also protect you from bed bugs, dust mites, and other allergens. 

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