4 Reasons to Use Organic Sheets and Bedding

4 Reasons to Use Organic Sheets and Bedding

In today’s age, it’s a crucial point to consider how one’s purchasing decisions affect the environment and the people around them. The promulgation of a global and more Earth-centric mindset has pushed for the development of more eco-friendly and organic options—be it with food or in the implements we use in our daily life.

The eco-friendly trend has even caught on in the bed & mattress industry, with the development of organic sheets and beddings. These products are composed of 100% organic cotton, a material that was grown and harvested without the use of any toxic pesticides and chemicals. This, in turn, makes it the best alternative to traditional bed set-ups.

To cement this point, here are four reasons why you should switch to organic sheets and beddings as soon as possible.

Because It’s Eco-Friendly

The most obvious benefit of switching to sleeping on organic mattresses and beddings is that it’s great for the environment. Organic cotton is farmed on more controlled set-ups that promote natural growth. Aside from that, the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals aren’t present, which makes it ultimately a production that avoids harming the environment.

Beyond this, the manufacturing process of the products themselves promotes a reduced carbon footprint. As such, the manufacturing of these beds also helps alleviate a bit of the world’s pollution by not participating in its destruction.

Because It’s a Healthier Way To Sleep

Aside from the harsh pesticides used in the harvesting of raw materials, bed manufacturing involves a rigorous process of chemical pressing as well. While the thick-skinned may not notice it, those with more sensitive skin are actually prone to getting an allergic reaction to most traditional sheets and mattresses. This is because a portion of the chemicals still remain in the finished product, which spread all across your body as you lay on it.

Organic sheets, on the other hand, are processed and pressed naturally—making it the best choice for the health-conscious and the allergen sensitive. 

Because It’s Incredibly Comfortable

The materials that compose organic beddings and sheets make for softer and lighter products, which inevitably translate to better and more comfortable sleep. Lying on these is a great tactile experience for your body, as the natural fibres caress your skin and envelope you in a way that regular beddings just can’t.

Even better, the construction of these is breathable and moisture-wicking, meaning you get to lay comfortably cool even on scorching summer nights. It ultimately makes for one fo the best sleeping experiences, as all you need to think about is actually falling asleep.

Because It’s Durable

The primary concern most would have would lie in the expenses. While organic products are marginally more expensive than your regular mass-produced ones, the build and material of organics make it incredibly tough. As beds are used on a daily basis, the durability is something you must consider—especially because broken and poorly-made beds are an ache to wake up to.

The Bottom Line

Organic sheets and beddings are some of the best purchasing investments you can make this year. Not only does it promote a better and healthier environment, but it also benefits you with a comfortable and healthier sleeping experience.

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