Toddler Kamboo™ Pillow

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This premium organic Kamboo™ Pillow is made from a blend of natural materials to bring you the comfort and quality your sleep deserves. Enjoy the luxury experience of down alternative organic kapok fibre fill that's hypoallergenic. Adjust the filling to suit your sleep preference for firm, medium or soft support, using the zippered opening on the inner shell. Pillow comes with a waterproof and anti-dust mite bamboo casing for added protection.


Kapok (Ceiba pentandra) is a certified organic, silky-soft fibre from the seed pods of the Kapok tree, a sustainable tropical rainforest crop. The tree is naturally pest-resistant and does not require pesticides or herbicides. During harvesting, the Kapok fibre is not treated with any chemicals. Kapok is hypoallergenic, water, and mould resistant.


The Kamboo™ Pillow is fully customisable, and the fill can be removed to obtain desired firmness. Just open the inner case and remove as much filling as desired to adjust the height and overall feel of the pillow.

✔   Smooth Knit Waterproof bamboo outer shell.

✔ Adjustable Fill.

✔  The blend of kapok and bamboo makes up for the name Kamboo™ Pillow.

✔  10-Year Warranty.

✔  60-Night Trial.

✔  Waterproof.

✔  Hypoallergenic.

✔  Anti-Bacterial.

✔  Anti Bedbugs & Anti Dust-Mites.

  Thermoregulating to stay cool in the summer and warm in winter.

  Filled with 100% Organic Kapok Fibre.

✔  Made in Canada.

Washing Instructions:

Only wash the outer cover, do not wash the pillow. Machine wash outer shell by selecting warm/medium temperature and tumble dry.

Inner Cover: 100% Cotton

Outer Cover: 70% Rayon from Bamboo, 30% Cotton

Fill: 100% Organic Kapok Fibre

Pillow Dimensions:

Toddler Size - 13"x18"

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