Copper Infused Rebounce™ Pillow

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Enhance your sleep experience with our Copper-Infused Pillow. Copper-infused feature wicks away moisture and is filled with Rebounce™ polyester to make a high-performance pillow. Rebounce™ Polyester is designed to make your pillow maintain its bounce. It’s breathable, lofty, and adjusts to your head contour. Adjust the fill to suit your sleep preference from a firm, medium, or soft support using the zippered opening on the inner shell.

✔ Natural Copper Wicks Away Moisture.

✔ Hypoallergenic.

✔ Breathable Comfort.

✔ Thermoregulating: Cool in Summer & Warm in Winter.

✔ Machine Washable.

✔ Pillow Maintains Bounce.

✔ 60-Night Trial.

✔ Adjustable Fill.

✔ Made in Canada.

Washing Instructions:

Separate the outer shell from the pillow. Machine wash outer cover and pillow by selecting a medium temperature. Dry on medium or low heat and repeat until fully dry.

Inner Cover: 100% Cotton

Outer Cover: 95% Polyester & 5% Copper

Fill: 100% Polyester (Pearl Cotton Polyester)

Pillow Dimensions:

Queen Size - 20"x30"

King Size - 20"x36"