4 Helpful Tips for Finding the Best Pillows for You

4 Helpful Tips for Finding the Best Pillows for You

There are many factors that affect your sleeping pattern and sleep quality. Aside from your lifestyle and your surrounding environment, your bed itself contributes to how good or bad your sleep is.

Similar to your mattress, your pillows impact the comfort level of your sleep. With that said, you should learn how to choose the right ones for your bed and invest in good quality material.

Most people who go to department stores just grab whatever catches their interest, without weighing its pros and cons and looking into whether it is the right item to buy. When buying a pillow, in particular, you should consider several factors, including its size, softness, and the material it’s made of.

However, those are not only the things you should look for when purchasing a pillow for yourself. Here are some tips to help you decide:

Tip #1: Match it with your mattress

Before purchasing any bed pillow, you should first identify what type of mattress you have at home. This is because having a different kind of mattress from your pillows may cause discomfort when you sleep.

The basic rule of thumb is to make sure that:

  • You buy a soft pillow if you have a soft mattress
  • You buy a firm pillow if you have a firm mattress

Tip #2: Consider your sleeping position

Not many people know this, but you should consider your sleeping position when buying pillows. This is because every position requires a different type of support, and basing your purchase on this will help you sleep comfortably.

Here is a general guideline that you can follow:

  • If you sleep on your back, use a medium-density pillow
  • If you sleep on your stomach, use a flat or soft-density pillow
  • If you sleep sideways, use a firm-density pillow

Tip #3: Purchase a pillow protector, too

Pillows get worn out quickly due to the sweat that seeps into the material that might cause you to wash them too often. This can also affect your sleep quality, so you should keep your pillow clean so that it doesn’t get easily soiled. You can easily do that by encasing it with a pillow protector.

There are many benefits of using a pillow protector, including:

  • Protecting pillows from stains and spills
  • Keeping pillows clean and moisture-free
  • Preventing bugs and dust mites from infesting the pillow

Tip #4: Opt for quality over quantity

Many people would opt for bargain pillows for the sake of saving money. However, these are usually made of low-quality materials. Department stores typically sell them in pairs packed in thin nylon bags and offer it to customers at a relatively lower price.

When buying a pillow, make sure not to compromise your comfort over cheap yet low-quality products. Instead, you should invest in items that are durable, offer great support, and can last a long time. Remember that by investing in high-quality pieces, you are saving more in the long run.


Pillows are there to offer you the best comfort and support when you sleep. That is why you should invest in having high-quality products. When buying a pillow, you should consider several things, including the type of mattress that you have and your sleeping position. Also, make sure to purchase pillows that can last by buying quality items and encasing them in pillow protectors.

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