Bamboo or Cotton Bedsheets - Which One Is Best for You

Bamboo or Cotton Bedsheets - Which One Is Best for You

An average person sleeps for nearly 230,000 hours over a lifetime, which works out to just above 26 years. That is an awful lot of hours! That is why it’s important to get the best possible mattresses, pillows, and sheets for your bed. Beyond providing support as you sleep, your bed should also give you comfort while keeping you feeling refreshed throughout the night.

If you are looking for comfortable beddings, you cannot go wrong with cotton or bamboo pillows and sheets. Keep reading for some questions you can ask to help you determine the kind of organic sheets you should choose for your home.

1. Are you susceptible to night sweats?

If you live in a humid area or have skin that is sensitive to temperature, you need a breathable set of bedsheets. Sleeping on damp covers can irritate the skin and cause flare-ups. Night sweats can also cause mould or bacteria to proliferate, which leads to all sorts of skin diseases.

Sheets made of bamboo or kapok fibre are best for people who sweat excessively. They are more breathable than other types of fabric, owing to its simple weaving and lightweight material. These types of sheets allow moisture to evaporate quickly, preventing the likelihood of contracting bacteria-related skin issues.

2. Is your skin easily irritated?

Well-made bamboo beddings are softer than most types of cotton or linen sheets. That makes it perfect for people with sensitive skin. People who have eczema, acne breakouts, sunburns, and other types of skin irritation will find sleeping on bamboo sheets soothing. If you need hypoallergenic and antimicrobial beddings, bamboo or kapok sheets are definitely for you. 

3. Are you after durability?

Large households have the challenge of getting comfortable but also long-lasting fabrics. They need beddings that can be passed down from one family member to the other, and will probably have young children who wouldn’t be so delicate in handling their personal items.

For families like these, cotton sheets are a good choice. The lifespan and quality of cotton bedsheets last for several years, and they stay crisp and durable even after repeated washing. Cotton sheets can also be used for other household purposes once they have run their course as beddings. They can be turned into craft cloths, dish rags, beach blankets, and more.

4. Do you prefer something easy to wash?

Cotton sheets are low maintenance. They can be washed using any kind of detergent and in the water of all temperatures. They can also be thrown in with other clothes or linen. After a wash, cotton sheets can be dried through a tumble dryer or on a clothesline. 

Overall, it is easy to care for cotton sheets. The most you would probably think of is colorfastness; prints on cotton, like with any other type of fabric, can be damaged by bleach. The prints will also naturally fade, but this usually takes years of regular use.


Different types of beddings have their own advantages and disadvantages. What is important when selecting bedsheets for your home is taking into account your needs and your lifestyle. Doing research before you make a purchase will help you buy the right type of beddings for you.

If you’re looking for quality bamboo, organic cotton sheets, and more, browse through our collection today.

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