What's KAPOK?

What's KAPOK?

KAPOK is silky soft floss that is produced from the pod of the KAPOK or Ceiba Tree and has a high resistant level to mildew, mites, and molds. This made KAPOK very hygienic, environment-friendly and non-toxic.

Fortunately, the fiber from silky KAPOK is a rainforest crop that is sustainable due to the fact that the tree grows naturally and is devoid of any chemical, GMO, pesticides and or any type of chemicals during the manufacturing process. KAPOK is grown completely from the Indonesian seedpod trees. It doesn’t require human cultivation and irrigation.

KAPOK silk when used to produce PILLOW produces quality PILLOW that gives comfort to the neck, can be adjustable with zipping, has no odor and is therefore harmless. It is all organic.

KAPOK PILLOWs have very long durability and are very cost effective. KAPOK PILLOWs are regarded as being cost effective because it remains pure and neat after several years of purchase and it is very easy to wash the outer shells. You can always buy more KAPOK PILLOWs to top up the existing ones.

Bamboo fabric is silky and soft cotton that is heavier and thicker than the typical cotton and is known for its capability to strike away from the head and any anti bacteria. Due to the stretchy nature of the bamboo fabric, when the outer shell is used to make a KAPOK PILLOW, it provides smooth and comfortable night rest from the first day of use. It is usable both in summer and winter as it becomes cool and warm in both seasons respectively. KAPOK PILLOW can be better described as a supportive PILLOW that provides all the comforts that can be gotten from the use of any PILLOW.


Why KAPOK PILLOW is an exceptional PILLOW is because it provides the best feeling on the planet earth. It is very flexible, elastic and malleable. The natural orthopedic that provides support for KAPOK fiber filling with a waterproof bamboo protector helps to prevent shoulder, neck and back pains while at the same time releasing stress during sleep.


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