Making the Green Choice: How to Fluff Bamboo Pillows

Making the Green Choice: How to Fluff Bamboo Pillows

Your search for the perfect pillow will lead you to the comfort of a bamboo pillow. Its eco-friendly materials make it the best solution both for your bedding needs and saving the planet. However, these pillows are often compressed and rolled in vacuum sealing, which gives you the look of an uninviting addition to your bedroom. Although these pillows can fluff up on their own, others will need an extra helping hand to maintain their soft and fluffy texture.

A guide to fluffing your bamboo pillow

When fluffing your pillow, you should always do it by hand to give as much allowance for compression while you sleep on it. It would be best if you fluff it every evening before you go to bed and after you wake up. This routine maintenance on your pillow can increase its lifespan from staying flat and misshapen.

Whether you’re using a regular or bamboo pillow, fluffing it regularly can help it remain fresh and clean. There are two ways to fluff your pillow: by hand or in the dryer.

Manual bamboo pillow fluffing

If you’re going the manual route, you first need to shake the pillow a few times to break apart the memory foam beads that are together. This breaks apart memory foam shreds stuck to each other while also spreading air between each bead. Next, turn it on its longer side to chop it on its surface, similar to a soft massage. Doing this helps redistribute the positions of the foam evenly. While holding on to both ends, vigorously compress and extend it back several times to allow the expansion of foam and fiberfill.

Dryer bamboo pillow plumping

The dryer method helps you plump your bamboo pillow while refreshing it as well. It’s a method that you should perform once every few weeks to extend its lifespan.

First, remove the bamboo casing to wash the filling and case separately. Next, place the pillows with three to five dryer balls to separate them from each other. Set your pillow to tumble with dryer sheets for ten to forty minutes with low heat. The slow movement separates the filling and provides air pockets in between, while the dryer balls help puff up the pillow while it’s tumbling. Finally, remove the bamboo pillow from the dryer and place it back into the dried case.

A set of additional pillow care tips

All pillows can experience flattening because of the moisture that seeps out from our bodies when we sleep. This is why cushions can flatten a lot faster in humid environments. It’s essential to leave your pillow to dry under the sun to ensure that it’s completely dry.

Bamboo pillows have the feature of allowing you to remove or add their filling to match your sleeping preferences. Some buyers take out a portion of the filling after purchase to swap it with their used filling. Additionally, placing a few drops of essential oils in it can introduce a fragrant smell to your pillow.


If you want to keep your bamboo pillows’ shape for a more extended period, you can perform hand fluffing regularly, while treating it to dryer plumping once every month. Performing this routine can help contour your bamboo pillows to help them last longer for your use.

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