What is a Kamboo Pillow?

What is a Kamboo Pillow?

A Kamboo pillow is not your run of the mill bamboo, feather, or down pillow. A Kamboo pillow is your best source for an organic down alternative pillow and is composed of unique materials that are guaranteed to  bring you the most relaxing sleep ever!

At EcoComfort Collection, we named our pillow Kamboo for two simple reasons–– Kapok and Bamboo. Our Kamboo pillows are made of a beautiful blend of materials to bring you the comfort, luxury, durability, and quality your sleep deserves.

The 100% organic Kapok is a natural, silky, environmentally friendly fibre harvested from the Indonesian Kapok/Ceiba Pentandra tree and its soft, fluffy and supportive nature is perfect for your head and neck. The 100% cotton zippered pillow case allows you to adjust the firmness of your pillow to any level you prefer, and our luxurious Bamboo pillow protector covers and protects 100% of the Kapok pillow. This keeps your sleep healthy because our Bamboo pillow protector is 100% waterproof, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, prevents bed-bugs, and has a side micro-vent to allow air flow within your pillow.

At EcoComfort Collection, we spent a lot of time selecting the right materials to create the perfect pillow. We wanted the kapok to bring you an organic sound sleep, the zippered cotton pillow case to provide you a customizable sleep, and the bamboo protector to keep you sleeping and living healthy.

We ensure 100% customer satisfaction and go beyond our means to ensure everyone is satisfied with our Kamboo pillows. Since our pillows are made in Canada, we’re glad to offer you a 30 day satisfaction guarantee or get your money back. We are confident in the products we offer, and if you have any questions feel free to contact us at any time and we’ll respond to your needs as soon as possible!

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