4 Reasons People Prefer Natural Products in 2020 - What to Know

4 Reasons People Prefer Natural Products in 2020 - What to Know

Beyond advances in technology, modern consumers and multiple industries are seeing a shift in perspective when it comes to the ethicality and eco-friendliness of their products. That’s why the world is witnessing a wheelhouse of natural products - from organic food, clothing, bedding, makeup, and more. 

Going greener provides an opportunity for optimal living, making it a trend that will not go out of season for years to come as it promotes conscious consumerism. This helps maintain sustainability and protect the environment in more ways than one, such as the following: 

Natural Products are Eco-Friendly 

Buyers and sellers alike are turning to natural products as it is the eco-friendlier choice. It can help make a change in the state of the world, so focusing on products that are not made from unethical practices or harmful chemicals can help you contribute to the fight against unsustainable living. 

Choosing organic also means you promote cleaner air, water, food, and raw materials, all of which recreate the world’s effort in regulating diseases and unhealthy choices. All this effort can empower your social and economic development. 

Organic cotton, for instance, can help farmers who are shifting their business to nurturing high-quality products without the aid of pesticides and other toxic methods. This can leave a positive impact on the health of the farmers, prevent risks of water contamination, and enhance the overall quality of land in the process. 

Natural Products are Free from Harmful Chemicals 

Many products need chemicals, even food. Chemicals are essential to improve your daily living - from detergents, drugs, medicines, textiles, fertilizers, and more. Packaged food, for instance, can be comprised of majority chemicals! While most are beneficial, substances like added preservatives can be harmful to your health. 

As mentioned above, organic products such as kapok fiber filling and down do not use any pesticides or processed additives. For people who are vulnerable to a particular preservative, picking natural products is the ideal choice as it mitigates the risk of developing illnesses or disorders.

Natural Products are Handmade 

Natural products are often handcrafted by local artisans, independent businesses, and farmers. Their joint effort can create a community that is centered on conscious buying as not only does natural, handmade products offer more craftsmanship, but it means it takes less energy compared to a mass production assembly line. 

Switching to organic bedding, for example, also feels better as the lack of harsh chemicals results in a smoother surface for the fabrics. Instead of relying on chemical processing to change the texture of the sheets, manufacturers now rely on using the weave to create a natural softness that offers unparalleled comfort for users. 

This can make a world of difference to the environment as it reduces your carbon footprint, allowing you to boost the world’s health, lie down in eco comfort, and support local businesses at the same time. 

Good for Farm Animals and the Wildlife 

Farmers who follow the organic approach believe that soil, plants, animals, and humans are interlinked. Each aspect plays a pivotal role in each other’s survival and health; that’s why organic farming focuses on giving equal respect to each element. 

Hedgerows, for instance, are not cut between March and August to allow wildlife to survive during the breeding season. Organic farms also allow animals to have access to pasture with plenty of space to roam, graze, forage, and feed on. 

The Bottom Line 

Choosing to live an organic and sustainable lifestyle can help the world in a plethora of ways - from limiting your exposure to toxins, reducing your carbon footprint, to supporting local and independent businesses. 

With that in mind, the list below are reasons that should convince you to go greener in life. If you’re looking for natural and organic products, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to supply you with bamboo, kapok, and down bedding products to suit your sustainable lifestyle.

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