Understanding and Solving Nasal Congestion at Night

Understanding and Solving Nasal Congestion at Night

A commonly undertreated health inconvenience a lot of people suffer is nasal congestion at night. If you suffer from allergic rhinitis or other conditions, it can be tempting to just accept your fate and tolerate the stuffy nose as you try to sleep. However, there are plenty of things you can do to help with this congestion, with even the simplest actions having the potential to yield great benefits.

Understanding the causes

It is not just sufferers of allergic rhinitis who are vulnerable to nasal congestion at night. Everyone is prone to breathing difficulties, and that depends on certain circumstances. Here are some of the most common causes:

  • Allergies. If you suffered from allergies any time during the day, they are a likely cause of your congestion. Pollen and various irritants can come into your home on your clothes and in your hair, in addition to blowing in through your windows. Older mattresses and unwashed sheets also might carry a lot of dust mites that can cause or contribute to your condition.
  • Dehydration. Without proper hydration, your sinuses and various passages can become dry and irritated. Make sure to drink 8–10 glasses of water per day, and at least one big glass before sleeping. Alcohol and coffee consumption before bed can also contribute to dehydration, so make sure to avoid this. 
  • Dry air. This is a common occurrence in places further inland or in homes and offices where the air conditioner is constantly active. Dryer passages can make you more sensitive to inflammation and the other causes of congestion. 
  • Sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a chronic issue that occurs when throat muscles are too relaxed, causing your breathing to stop intermittently. Make sure to consult a doctor as to what steps you should take to help with this health problem. 
  • Colds or sinus infections. Nasal congestion at night might be caused by slight inflammation from a cold or other infection. Make sure to observe for any other symptoms you might have experienced during the day to identify the problem before it gets worse. 
  • There are plenty of other reasons, but these are often the most common causes to consider. 

    How Can I Improve My Breathing

    Below, we will be presenting three of the solutions you could try to improve your nasal congestion. If you don’t see any improvement, it’s best to visit a doctor for their professional opinion.

    1. Get a humidifier

    A humidifier is a relatively inexpensive solution to this, and the wonderful thing about this is that it usually has a double function of scent diffusion. Your desired humidity level should fall between 45 to 50% as dust mites flourish in more humid environments. If you have no pets or allergies, you can even think about incorporating eucalyptus oils into the diffuser.

    2. Regularly change your blankets, bedsheets, and pillowcases

    Unclean bed covers are linked with a slew of different minor afflictions, from stuffy noses to acne. The more frequently you change any of these, the less likely they are to gather dirt, mites, and other grime that may worsen your congestion and other conditions.  

    3. Get hypoallergenic pillows and sheets

    Congestion could be caused by sleeping with your neck and head in the wrong positions, so consider investing in bigger pillows that give your head more support. You also might want to check out our selection of hypoallergenic pillows to ensure that no allergens are getting into your airways while you sleep. 

    In conclusion

    Having congested nasal passages is not a serious condition, but it can be uncomfortable. Having clear airways is essential to getting restful sleep, and can prevent you from waking up feeling tired. If you understand the possible causes of congestion, apply the various solutions we suggested to help clear those sinuses.

    If you’re looking for hypoallergenic pillows to help with your congestion, send us at EcoComfort a message. We have a great selection of organic bedding accessories available to customers in both Canada and the USA!

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