Sleeping on Cloud Nine: 3 Benefits of Organic Kapok Pillows

Sleeping on Cloud Nine: 3 Benefits of Organic Kapok Pillows

More and more people are switching to green living as the world is becoming environmentally conscious, but the fight for sustainability doesn’t sleep. In that regard, choosing healthy and eco-friendly choices can continue even inside the bedroom, which you can do by investing in organic bedding like kapok pillows

Found in the tropical rainforests in South America to West Africa, the cottonwood tree is a majestic sight to behold with its clusters of pink flowers giving it a blooming, natural beauty. When harvested, the seed pods are turned into an organic fiber that is well-known for being one of the lightest and softest materials for your bedding. 

With kapok bedding and pillows, you can plop down on cloud nine and enhance your night’s sleep in more ways than one. 

Benefit #1: Kapok Pillows are Chemical Free and Non-Toxic 

Growing kapok trees are one of the most sustainable ways to cultivate fabric as it does not need the assistance of farmers. The wild harvest is easy to collect and sell to bedding manufacturers, and the best part is that it is naturally hypoallergenic.  

It has anti-microbial and dust-mite resistant properties that make for a comfortable fabric, and it does not need any pesticides, fertilizers, or chemical treatments to keep it safe and healthy for humans to lay on. This makes kapok fabrics 100 percent organic and natural in every way. 

Benefit #2: Kapok Pillows Promote Eco-Friendly Living

Seeing as kapok is naturally harvested without the aid of fertilizers and other toxic substances, investing in kapok pillows is a highly sustainable choice in both its cultivation, production, and manufacturing process. 

Benefit #3: Kapok Pillows Promotes Healthy Living 

Not only is kapok pillows good for the environment, but it also has a positive impact on your health. Non-organic pillows are made with harmful substances that can trigger respiratory diseases, allergies, and even neurological problems when left unchecked.

In addition to mitigating the risk of developing illnesses from poorly-made fabrics, kapok pillows can also help you achieve better sleep as it relieves you from potential muscle pain, headaches, and stress. 

Benefit #4: Kapok Pillows are Durable and Washable 

Kapok produces one of the softest fibers in the world, but it is also durable and can last you a long time when given proper care. You can easily wash kapok pillows and leave it to dry under the sun every month or so, allowing you to sleep in clean and durable bedding. 

The Bottom Line: Investing in Organic Kapol Pillows to Achieve Better, Sustainable, and Healthier Sleep 

Organic furnishings like bedding are all the rage nowadays, especially in an age where people are embracing the need to lead a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Investing in the right materials can contribute to the environment, so even something as simple as organic kapok pillows can help you achieve a great night’s sleep.

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