Mattress Maintenance: How to Properly Care for Your Mattress

Mattress Maintenance: How to Properly Care for Your Mattress

Besides comfortable pillows, your bed mattress is vital in helping you achieve a good sleep every night. Although a bed mattress is designed to last for at least five to ten years, it will still require proper maintenance for it to stay in good condition. Since you also use your mattress regularly, it’s more prone to dirt, mould, and allergens, which can cause health problems later.

Different mattresses have different proper care and maintenance, but the essential tips are the same for all. Here’s what you should know:

1. Regularly clean your mattress and bed linens

One way to easily clean your mattress is by using a handheld vacuum cleaner. If there are stains or spills you need to wash off, try doing spot cleaning using a mild detergent and warm water. Wait for it to dry thoroughly before you put the sheets back on. 

How often you should wash your bed sheets and blankets depends on various factors, such as hygiene or sleeping routine. If you sweat a lot, you should consider changing often. The mattress protector, on the other hand, should be washed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Forgetting to clean your mattress and bed linens regularly will encourage dust and allergen build-up. Consider cleaning your mattress every time you change your sheets so that you don’t forget. 

2. Make sure it’s properly supported

Mattresses, although made of high quality, durable material, needs proper protection and support to last long. Before buying a mattress, make sure your bed either has a frame with the right number of slats, has a box spring, or an adjustable foundation. This support is necessary for preventing the mattress from sagging after a while.

Avoid placing a support board between your mattress and your box spring. It blocks the box spring from doing its job, letting your mattress carry all the weight instead of your box spring.

Avoid jumping on the bed, no matter how comfy and soft your mattress is. It can ruin the quality of your bed foundation, later on affecting your mattress quality.

3. Allow light to enter your room

Placing your mattress under the sun is a good way to disinfect and kill bacteria. It also helps to keep your mattress dry. As much as possible, avoid wetting your mattress. A wet mattress is mould and mildew’s favourite place. 

4. Rotate your mattress

One tip to keep your mattress in shape is to turn it in different ways throughout the year. Turning it side to side or rotating it from top to toe four times a year is a good number. This way, the weight will be distributed evenly to all sides. 


Bed mattresses don’t often come cheap. It’s an investment that needs proper care to last long. Having a clean, well-maintained, and allergen-free mattress can positively affect your quality of sleep. Though several factors are affecting the quality of your bed mattress, observing proper maintenance and care for your mattress will keep it in good shape and provide you with a healthy sleep throughout the years.

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