Getting Restful Sleep: 2 Qualities Your Pillow Must Have

Getting Restful Sleep: 2 Qualities Your Pillow Must Have

Sleep is often equated with the human-form of turning a computer off and on again as a way to reset. This is often why lacking sleep can cause a number of problems in daily life. Irritability, fatigue, delayed reflexes, and other issues arise when someone does not get enough sleep. With the entire world having plenty of work to do nowadays, people are just having a harder time falling asleep compared to ever before. 

While young parents are struggling with getting enough sleep due to the demands of raising a child, professionals are wide awake due to overusing technology. This reality has created a world where sleep is appreciated less and less each day, as there seems to just be less time to do things due to the demands of work and life. 

Sleep Does More Than Just Reset the Body

There are some health complications that have been found to have links to sleep disorders. Heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, hypertension, depression, and many more make up a list of things that can be triggered by not getting enough restful sleep. There are also many accidents that happen due to not getting enough rest, ranging from falling asleep while driving to the misoperation of heavy machinery.

Given this, it’s crucial to make that attempt to get enough restful sleep as much as possible. While this may seem difficult, there is one element that can offer better chances of having a more restful and high-quality resting period: pillow quality.

Pillow Quality Plays a Large Role in Sleep Health

A good quality pillow can assist with better sleep—and that is a fact. This is why those who invest in better pillows wake up more refreshed and with increased energy throughout the day. The whole aspect of having decent sleep quality is all based on one’s body comfort and alignment. The wrong pillow can throw this off and cause uncomfortable sleep without you being aware of it. 

When buying a pillow, there are two elements of it that you should be paying attention to. The first is how well the pillow offers support, while the second is the comfort levels that it provides. Here’s more information on why these are the two most important parts of what makes the perfect pillow:


Your head and neck must be properly supported by the pillow, without being too hard or too soft that it may cause issues with breathing. Additionally, the wrong pillow will have bad support, causing one’s neck and back to ache, possibly even worsening your spine’s health. Having a pillow that supports the natural curvature and alignment of the body will ensure that maximum comfort is met while asleep. This is why memory foam pillows have been a popular choice for years!

If you want something just like memory foam in terms of variable support, but is easier to clean and is made from natural materials, EcoComfort’s Kamboo Pillow is a good choice. Made of Kapok, a silky fibre found from the Ceiba Tree, the Kamboo pillow is comfortable and has anti-bacterial properties to support your body and your health.


This is a subjective factor when considering pillows, as some people like firm pillows, while others want one that sinks them into the abyss. It should all depend on your sleeping profile—so if you sleep on your back, low profile pillows will do well for you!

Low profile pillows can support the body’s natural curvature and assist in breathing. Side sleepers may want a medium profile pillow to support their body. If you are above 6 feet in height, then a high profile pillow will be the best choice, particularly for side sleepers and for some back sleepers. 


The right pillow will offer a night of amazing sleep that is deep and uninterrupted. Finding the right pillow for you may entail plenty of testing—but by considering the two most important elements, you’ll find the perfect one in no time! Try a new pillow today to see a difference in the way you sleep. 

Eco Comfort Collection is a supplier of eco-health pillows in Canada and the USA. For a new definition of comfort, try our pillows for a restful sleep that you have never experienced before. View our products list to get a better look at the world of organic material pillows. 

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