5 Tips to Help You Make Your Bedroom More Eco-Friendly

5 Tips to Help You Make Your Bedroom More Eco-Friendly

Many people are interested in having an eco-friendly lifestyle these days. From organic, handwoven shoes to eco-friendly vacations, more people choose to live sustainably and embrace a green lifestyle today. 

Eco-friendly bedrooms are also gaining popularity, and these are an excellent option for both you and the environment. Keep reading to learn more about how to integrate green living in your bedroom.

Choose an organic mattress and bedding

Using organic products gives you plenty of health benefits. These mattresses and bedding are all-natural and chemical-free, which reduces the likelihood of toxins seeping in through the skin. Organic cotton pillows are more durable than synthetic kinds, and kamboo pillows are hypoallergenic and waterproof.

Eco-friendly beddings are also fire-resistant and naturally regulates temperature. These types also repel parasites, bed bugs, dust mites, and mould. They provide comfort and are customizable to people's sleeping requirements, making them an excellent option to alleviate joint pain or chronic conditions.

Declutter and keep your room tidy

Space limitations are especially challenging for city dwellers, who must maximize their bedroom storage to accommodate all their belongings. However, if you don't live in an apartment, you should make more effort to reduce the amount of clutter in your bedroom.

Minimalism is a related practice that could help you keep your bedroom eco-friendly. Keep just the basics in your room; have an organic mattress, a dressing table, and a closet. Remove electronics like the TV and radio—you won't need these anyway to sleep!

Reuse furniture in the bedroom

Aside from kamboo or organic pillows, you can also use items made from antique wood. Wooden furniture goes through chemical treatments that make it lose toxins. Antique pieces are a safer option for the bedroom and can lend a rustic charm to your space. What's more, when you use old furniture, you refrain from participating in the wasteful consumerism that we are all used to today.

Use no-VOC paint in your room

VOCs or volatile organic compounds are carbon-emitting substances that are present in many types of paint. When building an organic bedroom, use paint that does not contain VOCs. These are easy to clean, are low-maintenance, and do not yellow as VOC paints do over time. 

Painting your walls with no-VOC paints are a healthier alternative to using latex paint. This paint is water-based, 100 percent natural, and does not have any toxins. VOC paints have harmful and nauseating emissions. Meanwhile, no-VOC variants have no smell and are better for the environment.

Make sure to insulate your doors and windows

Cut down on heating and cooling costs by insulating your room. Ensure that your doors and windows are adequately fitted with rigid foam and foil stripping and use window treatments to keep the room warm. Black tint, blinds, and curtains will help you retain heat in the cold months and keep the temperatures down when it is warm.


Having an eco-friendly bedroom will allow you to relax fully and be more comfortable at home. Organic living will enable you to transform your space and make it healthier for your surroundings. Using sustainably-sourced, natural items, reusing old furniture, and keeping your belongings to a minimum will help you maintain this lifestyle for many years.

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