3 Types of Organic Cotton Bedding Sheets to Look For Your Home

3 Types of Organic Cotton Bedding Sheets to Look For Your Home

Bedrooms are often a space of oasis and relaxation where tired individuals can rest. People spend an estimate of one-third of their lives in bed - from getting some much-needed shut-eye, binge-watching on Netflix, to catching up on your to-do list in between. Seeing as there is so much time spent between the sheets, choosing the best bedding is more important than you think.

You may be sleeping on this fact, but your choice of sheets and bedding leaves a significant impact on the environment and your health. Regular cotton, for instance, may once be the go-to choice of previous homeowners. Still, the growing awareness of sustainability has made room for a healthier alternative in the market: organic bedding.

The Importance of Choosing Organic Bedding

Organic bedding is made from non-toxic substances and is naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial, so sleeping on natural products can help you sleep better with a breathable bed without adding to the world’s carbon footprint. Other benefits of choosing organic bedding include the following:

  • Pesticide Free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Temperature control
  • Sustainable
  • Biodegradable
  • Durable
  • Low maintenance

There are various types of natural sheet fabrics - from bamboo, kapok fiber for natural bed pillows or bedding needs, but in this article, we’ll be focusing on the most popular one: organic cotton.


One hundred percent natural cotton is easily the perennial favorite for bedroom sheets - from homeowners to hospitality businesses. The material is easy to care for and access due to its affordability, but the best part is that it provides unparalleled durability, breathability, and softness for the ultimate comfort. Other types of cotton include:

1. Egyptian Cotton

This type of cotton is one of the more luxurious variety. Still, every penny is worth the investment as the sheets will make you feel like you’re sleeping on cloud nine with its extra-long fibers producing an ultra-soft, high-quality surface that is the best of the bunch.

2. Pima Cotton

Typically grown in the southwest region of the United States, Pima cotton is made with medium to long cotton fibers that promote extreme softness, a smooth surface, and an attractive, natural sheen that can also enhance the decor of your bedroom.

3. Upland Cotton

One of the most commonly grown kinds of cotton in the world, upland, is an organic cotton fabric that offers a bang for the buck prices since its fibers are not as long as Egyptian or Pima. While it isn’t as soft, it can still provide great comfort for your needs.

The Bottom Line: Why It’s Important to Make the Switch to Organic Bedding

Organic products like natural fibers and bedding sheets are trending more than ever. Still, the popularity of going green is not something that will not go out of fashion anytime soon as it is the healthier choice for the environment and your quality of sleep.

Free from the use of pesticides and other toxic chemicals, farmers, manufacturers, and customers alike can have peace of mind knowing that their products are made with sustainable efforts. By protecting the environment, you can sleep soundly with greater comfort.

If you’re looking for natural and organic products, get in touch with Eco Comfort Selection today! We’re happy to help with your sustainable lifestyle.

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