About us

What we Do

At EcoComfort Collection we manufacture innovative eco-friendly bedding products. We are keen on keeping a high quality standard for all of our products to ensure 100% customer satisfaction hence; we are able to offer 5-10 year warranty on all of our products.

Our Brand

EcoComfort Collection started in Mississauga, Ontario. When we were distributing and wholesaling pillows and bed sheets, we noticed that there was something missing. The materials were not an Eco-friendly source that did not bring any benefits to the consumer or environment. Today, at EcoComfort Collection we began using Bamboo, Kapok and Waterproofing technology to provide a healthy and Eco-friendly solution to our customers while bringing no harm to the environment.

Our Mission

We believe using a new form of fabrics for bed sheets, comforters and fiber filling can make a great impact to our health and environment. Today many other companies have been using synthetic fabrics that are harmful because their manufacturing processes releases toxins to our environment. At EcoComfort Collection, our mission is to always innovate by using organic processes that benefit our health and environment so; everyone has a chance to make their sleep great again!

Our Expertise

Our team of experts has been in search for the best technology to fulfill our mission. Our experts have identified, tested and verified new technologies that will make a great new impact to our health and environment.

Bamboo undergoes a natural process to extract the fabric fiber. Secondly, Kapok fiber is grown naturally from the Kapok trees in Indonesia with no chemical or manufacturing process required, as its grown from the seedpod tree requiring no pesticides, GMO, or any sort of manufacturing chemicals.