Count Sheep with Eco Sheets: The Benefits of Organic Bedding

Count Sheep with Eco Sheets: The Benefits of Organic Bedding

As consumers grow increasingly aware of the impact their lifestyle choices have on the environment, the likes of organic solutions have become a household staple. Organic bedding is now among the key players in an eco-conscious home. In particular, organic cotton is free of any genetically engineered materials and chemical pesticides. If you’re considering organic pillows and bedsheets, here’s why you should invest. 

Benefit #1 - A Healthier Bed

Your bed is a place of comfort and should promote healthy sleep rather than diminishing it. Organic cotton sheets are hypoallergenic and can accommodate sleepers with sensitive skin or chemical sensitivities. 

Especially for young children and newborn babies, non-organic sheets can cause respiratory reactions due to synthetic dyes, chemicals, and pesticides. If you suffer from a skin condition such as psoriasis or eczema, organic sheets can help combat itching at night.

Benefit #2 - An Eco-Friendly Choice

There’s no denying the benefits organic sheets hold for the planet. Conventional cotton farming makes use of a significant number of insecticides, which can infiltrate the food chain through water run-off. 

Purchasing organic cotton products serves as an incentive for local farmers to transition into natural methods of production. It also supports those who have already foregone the use of toxic products to create high-quality sheets. 

Organic farming practices have since improved the overall quality of land and prevented the risk of local water contamination. It has also enhanced the health of farmers and their families. 

Benefit #3 - It Provides Greater Comfort

The short of it is that organic bedding just feels better. Without having to come into contact with harsh chemicals, natural products are characteristically soft. By weaving cloth instead of chemically processing it, eco-health pillows stay consistently supple even after regular washing. They are also inherently breathable and wick away moisture during the hotter seasons. With organic sheets, you can expect a high quality of sleep. 

Benefit #4 - It’s Naturally Durable

Remarkably durable and biodegradable, natural sheets are produced using sustainable methods. Though chemically-manufactured sheets are more robust, they don’t break down naturally after becoming worn out. 

Benefit #5 - It’s of a Higher Quality

Conventional cotton growers use harvesting machines to combine cotton with the oils and seeds extracted from the plant. To remove unwanted components and clean the cloth, farmers will usually add toxic products. 

On the other hand, organic farmers pick cotton by hand, providing a cleaner product that doesn’t go through the motions of abrasive additives. They clean the cloth using hot water and vegetable-based soaps. 


Choosing natural bedroom products can improve the quality of your sleep and contribute to healthy environmental practices. Materials such as kapok are anti-bacterial, anti-bedbug, and anti-dustmite by nature—an easy choice for bed-dwellers who are having trouble falling and staying asleep. 

To get the most of kapok fibre filling pillows and bamboo mattresses, shop with us at EcoComfort. Our products are chock-full of health benefits you didn’t know you could enjoy—from thermo-regulation during the colder and hotter seasons and excellent neck and shoulder support. By choosing us, you can live green and live healthy without having to break the bank.
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