3 Important Reasons You Should Have Mattress Protectors

3 Important Reasons You Should Have Mattress Protectors

Depending on their condition and quality, beds can go from a symbol of comfort in the home to a disgusting cesspool of various pathogens—at least, without proper care. The spaces in spring mattresses, especially, can become a breeding ground for mites that can have negative health effects in the long run.

Dust, dead human skin cells, and other types of grime and dirt can build up over time on the surface of a mattress. Without a mattress protector and proper care, these unwanted contaminants can greatly reduce the lifespan of your mattress. 

In this article, we are going to talk about the various benefits of mattress protectors that you absolutely should not ignore. Here are just a few:

It can keep your mattress clean and make it easier to clean

A mattress protector protects your mattress from spills, dirt, and other unfortunate events that can ruin its quality. That added layer of defence can absorb such messes and prevent them from seeping into your mattress, which can cause moulds and bacterial growth.

It can also protect your bed from bodily fluids, dead skin cells, sweat, and so on, which are actually the greatest contributors to the wear and tear of a mattress. 

The best part is that it is easy to clean. It is easier and cheaper to throw the protector into a washing machine than to get your mattress cleaned by a professional. If the stains don’t come off, mattress protectors are not expensive and are relatively easy to find. 

It can help you make the most out of your warranty

Most mattresses come with some kind of warranty, especially the more expensive varieties. However, many of these warranties are voided by stains and soiling. Even if the mattress was defective upon purchase, returning it in a stained or soiled condition is impossible, as this presents numerous safety and hygienic concerns.

A mattress protector can help you make the most out of your warranty, and therefore the best value out of the money you spent. Mattresses, after all, are no easy expense, and having to replace one too soon is a financial burden that should be avoided when possible. 

They are an added layer of comfort

Many protectors are designed to make your bed more comfortable, adding a soft layer for added support. For spring mattresses, which are known to be hard and occasionally uncomfortable, this extra layer can make the experience loads and loads more pleasant. 

For memory foam, a protector can disperse some of the heat that tends to build up in the foam. This can reduce sweating and the growth of bacteria and moulds, which can make a bed smell and unsightly. 


Mattress protectors are an inexpensive way to protect a valuable investment in your home. There are no downsides to having one as a layer of protection on your bed. These protectors allow you to get the best value for your money out of a mattress and are an easy way to protect your health and that of your family. 

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